This past weekend at New York Comic-Con, legendary writer Brian Michael Bendis unveiled his massive new project with DC Comics, a bespoke “pop up” imprint he will be curating with young readers in mind called Wonder Comics.

The idea of Bendis curating one of DC’s creator-lead imprints isn’t a new thing. A custom imprint was mentioned among his current titles, Superman and Action Comics, right next to his creator owned project Jinxworld when the announcement of his company move was first made. But it’s been a year of silence on the news front for anything imprint related–which, it turns out, was all part of the plan.

Bendis and his collaborators have had plenty of time to organize their plans in secret. This is an initiative that has been brewing, Bendis explained during his spotlight panel at the con, since before the ink on his new DC contract was dry.

The first line of releases will include four titles with three familiar names and one original title. Young Justice by Bendis and Pat Gleason, a huge return for a team that hasn’t been around since the pre-New 52 years in the DC Universe–so, over seven years for those of you playing along at home; Wonder Twins, yes, those Wonder Twins by Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne; Dial H For Hero, another vintage DC concept that hasn’t been around in a while by Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones, and Naomi, a book focusing on an original character developed by Bendis and co-writer David Walker with art by Jamal Campbell.

These four books will only be the first line of Wonder Comics, according to Bendis, and the second wave is “already planned and ready to go.” But don’t go expecting more book announcements for a while–probably not until San Diego Comic-Con next year, if we had to make a guess. First issues of these newly announced series aren’t going to hit shelves until January 2019.

But back to the important stuff: what do we actually know about Wonder Comics today? What are these books, where do they fit and–more importantly–what can we expect to see in them?

Here, we’re going to break down everything we learned about Wonder Comics while at the con, from plot points to major character returns.

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